Authentic Leadership

When the going is good, leadership may be easy to practice but it is only when the chips are down, conditions are adverse, and both stakeholders and the general public are watching hawk-like that the real test begins for a leader. In recent years, the world has watched with stupefaction what happened to iconic companies like Enron and WorldCom. The 'why and how' of these corporate calamities are also well documented. Little wonder that there is a discernible shift in priorities when it comes to naming CEOs these days. Successful business managers and executives are giving way to people with leadership qualities; not any type of leadership but authentic leadership.

Authentic leadership starts with core principles like genuineness, the depth and breadth of one’s communication (with self and others), and the value being co-created. All of a sudden, the paradigm has shifted, hasn't it? It matters little if so-and-so is a whiz selling such-and-such. It matters little whether you are right; it matters a lot whether you are real. Authenticity, synergy, symbiosis are more than mere buzz-words; they are the prime drivers for true leaders. Introspection and the will to serve from the heart are the bases true leaders use to live truly. What value would you like to co-create?

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