How The LYLT Program Benefits You

Through a combination of online sessions and mentoring, The LYLT Program is a mentoring course that helps diligent participants work conscientiously towards the following outcomes:

  • A true understanding of one's role in the organization and in society at large
  • A realization of one's duty and responsibility - basically to be of service to others
  • Ability to stay calm in the face of crises and calamity, and overcome adversity
  • Enhanced awareness of observing core values of integrity and uprightness
  • Greater desire to follow the path of righteous living
  • Ability to resolve conflicts before they create flash-points for self and others
  • Ability to communicate from the heart and build relationships based on mutual trust
  • An ailment-free life and an inbuilt capacity to keep disease away
  • Creation of an internal personal score-card that acts as a live dashboard for day-to-day living

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