Know the Mentor, AnandaSwarup

There are some who believe that our spiritual journey starts at a time in our life when a jolting, paradigm shifting, life-changing event occurs that makes us wake up and tune in to the voice of that 'little guy' perched on our shoulder. It was pretty much like this with AnandaSwarup too.

AnandaSwarup's 'spiritual' journey started in Jan 2009 when a cataclysmic event occurred in his life. It was a high-risk medical condition (hypertension, high blood sugar, and blocked cardiac arteries) that made him introspect deeply and tune in to what his body was telling him. His 'inner voice' rang out loud and clear: You can beat this by changing your diet and lifestyle. Then a friend recommended that he should learn the divine art of spiritual breathing.

AnandaSwarup paid full heed to this advice and promptly took up spiritual breathing lessons (the same lessons that are being incorporated in The LYLT Program) at the advance level. In just four months of intense practice, the life-threatening medical condition simply disappeared. Medical tests showed, without any doubt, that he had returned to a state of perfect health (physical and mental). AnandaSwarup decided that he would, very soon, share his knowledge and experience with the world at large. To enrich his knowledge further, he started on the Advance Course of Spiritual Breathing and had frequent out-of-body experiences. He also started communicating spriritually with his Master who was responsible for introducing these secret Tibetan monastic practices to the West almost 100 years ago.

After more than seven years of intense study and practice of meditation and spiritual breathing, under the able guidance of his Spiritual Guide, AnandaSwarup conceptualized The LYLT Program for serious career aspirants across the world. After all, he was a corporate coach with over forty years of industry experience and armed with an MBA from a leading b-school. Here's what he has to say about how his life has been since 2008: "For over seven years, I have been treading a road less trodden by most of humanity. I have stumbled often and, every time the going got rough, I've picked myself up and carried on doggedly, like a kid 'learning' to walk. The drive and inspiration to do this is totally from deep within... it's absolutely primordial...and a divine calling."

The Great Guru

AnandaSwarup has learnt a lot about healing oneself 'naturally' through intense spiritual study coupled with endless hours studying insightful books and exploring the Net, unearthing the secrets to a happy, contented, harmonious and ailment-free life. He has come to this firm, immutable conclusion: As a man thinks, so is he. "Think sickness and sick you'll be; think health and healthy you'll stay. I have learnt how to banish negativity from my mind. By diligently observing the immutable tenets ingrained into me by my gurus, I have come to possess the key to a perfect life - a life the Creator wants me to lead while being in the service of others," declares AnandaSwarup.

AnandaSwarup is an ardent believer in the existence of the 'corporate soul' and holds an unshakable faith in the practice of 'authentic' leadership. Here he is, at your service with The LYLT Program and eager to take you along the path he has been traversing. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, whoever adopts the The LYLT Program teachings into their lives is bound to evolve into an all-round, equanimous and well-grounded 'leader', successfully pursuing both spiritual and material aims at the same time. If that's your true aim, come join The LYLT Program.

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