Leader - Somebody Who’s Been There, Done That!

True leaders inspire by being and not so much by 'doing'. What’s meant by being? Well... subtle presence. This means that they need not always be physically present. Their subtle presence is powerful enough. And powerful does not mean forceful. Their subtle presence is critical to the doing, regardless of who is involved in the doing. Such leaders may never have been formally exposed to the various styles of leadership described in textbooks. Their leadership style is all their own... unique to their individuality. It flows naturally.

An inspired leader implies that there is a motivated follower; the two go hand in hand, paving the way for sustained performance. The relationship is symbiotic. In a situation like this, have you noticed that communication is often largely non-verbal? Not a word is said but the heart goes round and round!

Is this a fairy tale? Not necessarily. There are organizations that have such individuals among their ranks. The synergistic impact of such exalted leader-follower relationships is far-reaching, affecting individuals who may have little cause for any direct interaction with either the leader or the follower. The leader advances and so does the true follower. They are living their lives truly. May this tribe increase!

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