MentorSpeak: What The LYLT Program Is Not

It is possible that, at the present juncture, you approach works on spirituality with mild curiosity, if not downright skepticism. At the same time, it is equally probable that you may have some expectation from a course that claims to be a guide to people successfully taking a spiritual path while remaining rooted in the material world. At this stage I am not aware of what your expectations are, but based on my own experience, I thought I should clarify a few things so that The LYLT Program is taken and used in the right manner. Here are some things The LYLT Program is most definitely not. Click on each of the articles below to know more.

A Validated Study Course

The LYLT Program is not a validated learning course in the commonly understood way. First of all, it is based on an ancient body of yoga-related knowledge and the western world has only recently started to come to terms with it. Secondly, there is bound to be some resistance from well established disciplines of scientific study that have laid down certain formats that are contrary to Oriental (and very old) thought and practices, thus restricting the scope for any validation. In spite of this, if at all there is need for validation, let it be known that modern research is proving as undisputable fact many of the age-old teachings from the East. Even as you are reading this note, please be aware that there are large numbers of monks and spiritual guides working closely with brain surgeons, psychiatrists, quantum physicists and other researchers in many European and North American universities to verify the teachings contained in scriptures and text-books from the East.

A Substitute for Ongoing Medical Treatment and/or Management Study

The Basic Course of The LYLT Program is aimed at the practice of spiritual breathing routines that cleanse the physical body over a period of time. But it is certainly not intended to be used as a substitute for any medical treatment currently in progress for any ailment. This said, it is equally true that diligent spiritual practitioners have reported results that border on the miraculous. For the true seeker, however, this is not unusual. After all, the power of concentrated and focused human thought is so deep and pronounced in its effect that it is difficult to draw a demarcating line between what can be manifested and what can't.
Notwithstanding these claims, The LYLT Program is only a guide and not a therapy. The results are entirely dependent on the individual efforts of the practitioners themselves.

Original Course Content

The course is by no means to be credited as my original work. I make no such claim. Only my own experience is original. What I have done is to combine two branches of self-development, one at the spiritual level and the other at a physical level. It is my experience as a management teacher, corporate trainer and spiritual seeker that has facilitated the combination of these two seemingly disparate branches of academic pursuit.

Moral Austerity

The LYLT Program does not aim to take away from you anything you enjoy or relish in a positive way. However, what is vigorously dissuaded is any thought or action that may harm the individual or their relationships. Such thoughts or actions could arise out of negative emotions or feelings like envy, anger, lust, greed, etc. The LYLT Program therefore lays great stress on positive affirmations that enable the practitioner to replace negative thoughts and possible action with those that are positive. The aim is to transmute negative energy and use the altered energy state to get what is desired in a healthy mind-state.
There is no attempt to make practitioners of The LYLT Program give up anything they relish. What is encouraged is an examination of one's wants and desires and the consequences of manifesting these desires.

Religious Dogma of any Form

The LYLT Program is based on natural laws that are the source for all religious beliefs, across the earth and across time. True seekers, from all religious backgrounds have realized that they themselves are the Creator (in human form!). Whatever the Creator is, I am. The Creator may be known by any name; it hardly matters what you call 'It'. As long as your heart is pure and your attitude reverential, religion is redundant. You can belong to any religion and you can belong to all religions, at the same time.

Leading Anybody by Force, Subtle or Otherwise

I am a mentor to anybody who chooses to enroll for The LYLT Program. The role of a mentor is to be a beacon by showing the way to the seeker. That's it; there is no attempt at any time to compel anybody to do anything against their wish. The LYLT Program aims to help people evolve into leaders themselves; therefore, how can the leader be led? Participants learn to lead themselves first and then eventually help others to evolve. No duress, no coercion, none whatsoever.

Making Undue Promises

The section on Meditation (a free download for all who visit The LYLT Program website) has a list of the benefits of meditation. Everyone who meditates will experience one or more of these benefits and in varying degrees. I would be putting my foot where my mouth is if I made promises to you. After all, you will be the seeker and you shall find what you are ordained to find, regardless of what promises I make. What you find is totally dependent on the extent to which you have evolved spiritually and your own effort. There is no magic formula.

A Piece of Machine-based Technology

The only technology I've used for The LYLT Program is the word-processor and audio/video editor on my computer. In recent times, audio tracks that claim to 'speed up' meditation, have started to hit the market. I don't yet know the basis for such a claim but I do know that enlightened souls (in the East and the West alike) have been meditating the harder but surer way of reaching (and staying!) 'up there'. Frankly, I find the idea of a 'quickie' meditating session rather amusing. But, as the saying goes, "To each his own path to salvation."

Hard-selling Anything

In every page on this website, I've said it like it is. No racy sales pitch at all anywhere. If what I've said appeals to your Inner Self and you want to enrol for The LYLT Program, you'll do so for sure. And, I am fairly certain that you won't go through post-purchase dissonance as long as you diligently practice what is prescribed. The change that we experience is directly related to the regular spiritual breathing work we do and also the extent to which we have evolved and keep evolving spiritually.

A Bunch of 'Arranged' Testimonials

Just because somebody experienced something during their meditation or breathing sessions doesn't mean you'll do the same. We are all unique in the journey called life and there's nothing that says that two people should feel the same about something. Therefore, I have refrained from talking about other people's experiences However, as we go along, if you feel you have to tell the world about your 'unique' experience, I will provide space for this on this website and let you have your say.

Now, by all means, go full speed ahead and be the seeker you're destined to be. May you discover Happiness, Peace and Bliss; may you evolve into the leader you desire to be - that's my wish for you! See you soon on the other side of this website!


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