Positive Affirmation & Creative Visualization


Positive Affirmations form the third pillar on which The LYLT Program rests. The first is Meditation and the second is Spiritual Breathing - both of these have been covered adequately. An explanatory word on the fourth, Creative Visualization, is also available on this website.

What the LYLT program is

Every word uttered and every thought that enters the mind-space is an affirmation. An affirmation is an internal assertion wherein the subconscious adds the spoken word or the unspoken thought to its database, as it were, for use in the future. Obvious, therefore, that there are positive affirmations and negative affirmations. What kind of affirmations would you want to work with, and live with, every day? No brainer, really!

The LYLT Program shows how Positive Affirmations are used to remove the deleterious effect of “chronic” negative affirmations. Slowly but surely, negative beliefs get replaced with strength-giving, confidence-boosting positive affirmations. Every single spiritual breathing routine (there are ten of them in The LYLT Program!) has its own positive affirmation that has to be recited (in a particular way) immediately and every time after performing the breathing routine. It is this sustained and repetitive recital of positive affirmations that reinforces the connection created initially by the breathing routine. The subconscious goes to work steadily and makes the required corrections in the database. Miraculous changes are known to occur with this.

The LYLT Program Mentor has extensively experienced this first hand. Not only has he got back his own health (from the brink of near-total collapse) but also helped professionals literally reverse their beliefs about themselves. The guy who thought he was no good for Sales became his company’s best salesman; the budding food technologist who said, “Math and I are poles apart” became a whiz at Microsoft Excel and number-crunching; the software engineer who stuttered nervously became a master at making presentations... the list goes on.

Creative Visualization

Now‚ let’s go a step further... to the fourth pillar on which The LYLT Program rests. Ask anybody that has tasted success in their field for their secret. Their answer invariably will take you to Visualization. The athlete will tell you‚ “Every day‚ since I started practice‚ I imagined‚ I pictured myself, winning the race.” The topper will exclaim‚ “No doubt I worked hard… I could also see myself coming out tops!” Winning a race or topping an exam‚ or whatever‚ the event has actually occurred in the mind. Now‚ it’s only a matter of manifesting it in the physical world!

In many ways‚ Visualization is an extension of Affirmation. Every time there is Negative Affirmation at work‚ there is negative Visualization also taking place‚ subconsciously. The school-kid that hears day in and day out‚ “You’re no good!“ is bound to be low on self-belief. What does this kid visualize? It doesn’t matter what the kid is (or isn’t); he visualizes he’s a failure. Most likely‚ he’ll flunk‚ unless of course‚ there are other forces at work. Just as Positive Affirmation can help to get rid of the negative beliefs‚ so can visualization help. Not any kind of visualization but Creative Visualization.

Creative Visualization is deliberate and is born out of intense passion that‚ in turn‚ is the result of a fierce desire to make something happen‚ to create something‚ to manifest a future of one’s choice. Creative Visualization can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Only the visualizer (a term from advertising‚ isn’t it?) knows what the truth is!


The tenth and the last spiritual breathing routine on The LYLT Program is all about creating and manifesting the future of one’s choice. The fourth routine is all about inspiration; the ninth is about developing the right attitude. The other routines chip in and do their bit too.

Think of all the innovations‚ discoveries‚ and inventions – they existed very clearly in the mind of the innovator‚ the discoverer or the inventor. Think of all the awesome things you want to do in your life. Creative Visualization is the culminating mental technique that enables you to aggregate all of the creative energy mustered in you through Meditation‚ Spiritual Breathing and Positive Affirmation and manifest them in the physical world. Do we hear the resounding applause? (PS: The LYLT Program is also a figment of somebody’s imagination – AnandaSwarup)

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