Qualities of a Leader

How can the qualities of a true leader be imbibed? Maybe, the question should be rephrased as: Can the qualities of a true leader be imbibed at all? And if yes, how? That raises the query, "Are leaders born or are they made?" An honest answer would be... Some are born and many are made. In fact, it is because some are born leaders that many more can be made. Somewhat like 'grafting' in botany, you see. Those that are born true leaders become the beacon and take on the task of mentoring those that are often hand-picked to be made into leaders. So, in this context, what needs to be gauged and assessed is the set of qualities of a future leader. "Do I have the qualities to be shaped into a true leader?" is the question you must pose yourself.

The previous section ended with the statement, "May this tribe increase!" Increase it will when more and more born leaders are identified and they, in turn, take it upon themselves to nurture future generations of well-grounded leaders.

Do you have it in you, then? Will you be a 'chosen one', when the time comes?

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