The LYLT Program Course Structure

Duration of the Course


22 weeks

Frequency of Sessions


One session a week

Content Delivered in Every Session


Each session will have two components:
Part 1: Spiritual Breathing - concept and practice
Part 2: Management Self-Development

Introduction: Breath & Thought Understanding how breath affects thought, every minute of our life Week #
PraNayama Starting point for any spirituality breathing routine Week #
2 & 3
The Primordial Memory Breath
(1st Key Breath)
Primary contact with unconscious and sub-conscious memory Week #
4 & 5
The Asoka Pillar Breath
(2nd Key Breath)
First step to establishing physical contact with the universe, to achieve vitality Week #
6 & 7
The 4-stage Rocket Breath
(3rd Key Breath)
From vitality to motivation through awakening the spirit to soar Week #
8 & 9
The Zenith Breath
(4th Key Breath)
Reaching a stage of physical completeness and setting the stage for activating the subtle energy system Week #
10 & 11
The Butterfly Breath
(5th Key Breath)
You are both the source and the recipient of all Energy - basis for manifestation Week #
12 & 13
The Valentine Breath
(6th Key Breath)
Love, the basis for inner purity of an absolute nature Week #
14 & 15
The Ever Youth Breath
(7th Key Breath)
Ageless and Timeless, you go back to the future! Week #
16 & 17
The Inner Connection Breath
(8th Key Breath)
Connect with the real 'you' that has been growing in clarity and sending you messages Week #
18 & 19
The Manifestation Breath (# 9) What your 'real self' wants is what happens for you. Your breath is YOU! Week #
20 & 21
Taking it Forward Understanding how the breathing discipline is to be perpetuated Week #

In the above table, details of only Part 1 of every session are provided because this is the real base on which the entire course rests. Part 2 covers the following topics: Authentic Leadership (2/3), Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence (2), Macro-Time Management (2/3), Beyond Time Management - A Sense of Purpose (2/3), Power of Imagination (1/2), Creative Visualization and Mental Picturing (3/4), Hurry Slowly (1/2), Setting Priorities (2/3), etc. A tentative indication of the number of sessions for each topic is given in brackets - tentative because Leadership Development is a flexible topic and it is good to be able to customize the content, depending on feedback from course participants.

Breathing exercises are introduced only in even-numbered sessions (#2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20).

It's time now to set sail on the journey called The LYLT Program.

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