The LYLT Program’s Breath-work Routines

The LYLT Program offers a set of ten breath-work exercises that will be introduced one at a time starting from the second session. These exercises are all spiritual breathing routines that have been in practice in the Orient for hundreds of years. It is only in the past century that the West has come to know of these practices. Notable now is the fact that in many European and American universities and medical research establishments, hundreds of monks and spiritual leaders are working closely with brain surgeons, psychologists, cell biologists, physicists and other researchers in unraveling the secret breath-related knowledge that was confined to the East. In the process, the West is now re-inventing many theories and concepts that were put forth as scientific facts way back, a couple of millennia ago.

For a review of The LYLT Program session-wise schedule and the names of the breaths, click here. You will note that breaths are introduced in even-numbered sessions (2 through 20).

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