What The LYLT Program Does

Using this unique combination of meditation, breath-work, positive affirmation and creative visualization as a paradigm-shifting, vision-building platform, The LYLT Program offers a refreshingly new perspective on management self-development. As a result, your world-view gets progressively sharper as your thoughts become more sublime. You evolve into a leader that knows how to cope with the vagaries of modern corporate life.

A brief illustration... Your understanding of Time and how you manage it will change forever. And with this change, your outlook on your career, your relationships (at work and at home) and your life in general, will also change deeply. In other words, your deep-down 'spirit' emerges and enables you to lead a life that keeps you contented and at peace even while you go about your everyday chores and routine...an ideal mix of the material and the spiritual - something that millions seek and only a few succeed in achieving. You can belong to this rare and sanctified minority, if you so wish.

The LYLT Program lays particular stress on leading a life that combines both material and spiritual pursuits concurrently. The two are not sequential in time, as many people mistakenly believe. Nor is one to be pursued to the exclusion of the other. There are many individuals who are both extremely wealthy and deeply spiritual, in the truest sense of the term. Spirituality at the workplace is something anybody can aspire to. All that is needed is a slightly different understanding of what spirituality is. The figure below depicts The LYLT Program vividly:

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