What The LYLT Program Expects From You

Though the sessions are planned weekly, please note The LYLT Program is a daily routine that starts at the same time every day. Only those who can make and stick to this commitment (about 20 minutes initially and going up by about ten additional minutes every two weeks) are advised to take up the program. The 'happy' flip side of this regimen is that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to an hour of sleep. So, within a few days of starting your meditation

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sessions, you discover that you can wake up earlier than usual and start your day with The LYLT Program without having to invest extra time. This is the reason why the section on Meditation is made available at no cost, even before you enroll for The LYLT Program. You can download the meditation section here.

The ideal way would be to download the Meditation module and at the same time, enroll for the course. Study the material on Meditation thoroughly and start your meditation sessions. If you have any questions, you may address them to The LYLT Program mentor; there is no charge for this. In fact, the mentor would be glad to help you any way he can by email. After a few days (a week or so) of starting the daily meditation, you may take your first session in The LYLT Program. There’s nothing to lose. If, for any reason, you want to leave the course, a full refund will be made if you terminate your enrollment any time up to the fourth session. For more details on the payment and refund procedure, click here.

Start Off With Meditation...

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... without spending a penny. Simply download the section on Meditation and start on your meditation sessions in right earnest here...

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