Authentic Leadership through a wholesome, online mentoring course.

What The LYLT Program Is

Very briefly, The LYLT Program is an online mentoring course that offers a spirituality-based self-discovery route for leadership development. The key words are: spirituality-based self-discovery route. Two factors were instrumental in creating The LYLT Program:

  • Executive coaches and corporate trainers have been observing that executives at all levels are taking more initiative and responsibility for their own career development than their employers and are therefore taking up self-sponsored learning programs and courses
  • There is a rising trend in management circles to look for leaders rather than business managers.

The LYLT Program is a unique blend of ages-old Oriental body-mind-spirit practices and modern self-development precept that ensures a balanced recipe for a more enriching and rewarding career. You are bound to find everything you need to help you imbibe the rudiments of what it takes to be a 'true' leader.

The LYLT Program is a carefully thought out combination of the following:

  • Meditation (to enable to you harmonize with the Universe and instill calmness)
  • Breath-work (a set of 10 spiritual breathing exercises that will speed you up in connecting with your 'deep down' being, your true self, or your spirit)
  • Positive Affirmation (to replace negativity that somehow creeps in and gets
    embedded into each one of us)
  • Start Off With Meditation...


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    PDF 'Meditation, the High Road'.


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  • Creative Visualization (to guide you in actually creating the future you want)
  • Insightful commentaries on corporate "authentic leadership" (to help you evolve into a true leader and get recognized as one).

The LYLT Program’s curriculum is easy-paced; 22 sessions in all are presented once a week. Each session comprises two parts:
Part 1: Spirituality-based topics
Part 2: Management Self-Development

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