Who The LYLT Program Is Meant For

In essence, The LYLT Program is for anyone, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, age (18 years or older), gender, marital status, health condition, position in life, and other demographic or psychographic variables. In actual practice, however, The LYLT Program is not for everyone. This may sound just a little cryptic but most HR practitioners would readily understand what these two seemingly opposite statements imply. Suffice it to say that The LYLT Program can provide very valuable help to anyone that has tasted a measure of success and has started to introspect about his/her career.

Such people are serious about what they do in the future and would want to ensure that they make the right move at the right time, as far as their career is concerned. The LYLT Program assists them by ensuring that they feel right, ideate right, and act right based on thoughts that are right that, in turn, arise out of breathing that is right. The acronym FIAT is a handy mental tool: Feelings (F), Ideas (I), Action (A) all take birth in Thoughts (T).

Ideally, it is expected that people enroll 'on their own' and 'for their own good'; that is, they join The LYLT Program voluntarily... of their own volition. At the most, they might be urged to do so by a friend who has already reaped the benefits of this program.

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