Your Thoughts Will Get You What You Seek

Most people give nary a thought to thought and its all-encompassing vice grip on man’s destiny. Just like it is with breathing, you see. Just what is it about thinking that has this mesmerizing effect on humans? Is it ego? (After all, when a thought enters my mind, it is mine. So, it has got to be the right thought; how can it be otherwise?). This is how many people feel.

Swami Sivananda (1887-1963), an ascetic who started out as a medical doctor in erstwhile Malaya and founder of the Divine Life Society, says, "You can move the world through thought-force. Thought has great power. It can be transmitted from one man to another man."

Thoughts are effective in making the sub-conscious take action implicitly. To understand this statement, we must understand the role of the sub-conscious. Many people feel that the sub-conscious is subservient to the conscious. This is not so at all. The sub-conscious and the conscious are two discrete dimensions of the human mind - the conscious deals with rational thinking and logic while the sub-conscious deals with the intuitive and gut-feel. The sub-conscious carries out the 'directives' arising from both conscious and unconscious thought that is constantly going on in the mind. More on this subject is covered in The LYLT Program.

Let us look at this a little more practically, to understand how the ego gets involved. Here is an excerpt from the essay "Human Nature and Human Destiny."

As you sow, so shall you reap... is a saying we must have heard a million times, ever since we were children. What we seek, we shall get. When? Well, that might be hard to say because many of us may not even become aware of what we have gotten when 'the gift' is showered upon us. Come to think of it, many people do a cursory job of 'seeking' and then the fact that they have actually wished for something may escape from their memory. But the ever active, ever watchful sub-conscious picks up what the conscious has expressed in the form of a thought or a wish or a desire (howsoever superficially) and, quietly but surely, goes about the task of manifesting it for us... sooner or later.

So much so, when the wish is granted, it turns out to be just another random event in our lives, unconnected and orphaned, as it were. If at all somebody becomes aware of the wish that has just got manifested in their life, they may not be able to connect it with the moment in their past when they wished for it because it is forgotten. In such a situation, the ego seizes the opportunity to announce its supremacy. The individual now proudly declares, "I did it. Wow! I'm the greatest." The individual has now fallen victim to the bewitching power of the ego. This is a sad-but-true aspect of human nature.

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